Lesson 1: What is Theory of Knowledge all about?

Lesson 2: Knowledge Claims and their Justifications

Lesson 3: How Can We Categorize Knowledge?

Lesson 4: What is Knowledge

Lesson 5: Paradigms and You

Reading: Three Theories of Truth

The Knower Unit Vocabulary:

Belief, Evidence, Certainty, Culture, Evidence, Explanation, Experience, Interpretation, Intuition, Truth, Values, paradigm

TOK Lexicon of all our vocabulary.

Above you will find a list of vocabulary that is necessary to work with if we are going to get the most out of TOK. Our task is to create our own users dictionary for this list. This years TOK class will add to the definitions for these words. If you like, you may embed (video, audio, etc.) or link anything that directly links to, illustrates, comments on, or clarifies the subject. Go here for the big TOK Lexicon.

Lesson construction: The Problem of Knowledge