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Words of grade 11

Like other Areas of Knowledge, mathematics has certain advantages but also comes with some problems...or does it? Mathematical reasoning seems uniquely strong. It seems to give us absolute answers. It seems to get us to real truth. Mathematics can be defined as “the science of rigorous proof” (Van de Lagemaat p 189), and maths certainly seems to be able to tell us the right answer from the wrong answer without any debate being necessary. When mathematical proofs are made, they are assumed to be true forever. π= Circumference / Diameter is assumed to be a constant such that it will be true forever and everywhere in the universe for any circle (assuming that your geometry is flat and not curved). Maths, many of you have said, is completely rational and therefore trustworthy (some TOK students have also suggested this is why mathematics is difficult). It does not come from some "untrustworthy" thing like intuition and is applicable to our world in those important, pragmatic fields (accounting, engineering, applied science) that seem to offer proof of mathematics' validity everyday of our lives.

Is all of this true though? Can math be right and wrong sometimes? Can it be contradictory? What can mathematics maybe not explain? Do you think mathematics can explain the subjective nature of beauty? Moods and emotions? War? Love? Hatred? Chances of Turkey winning the next World Cup in football? Why a political group is successful? The usefulness of mathematics is manifestly obvious and we should seek to benefit from the ability of mathematical reasoning to bring us knowledge, but perhaps we should also examine this area of knowledge with a prudent eye on its occasional limitations.

Watch the following documentary and answer the questions:

  • Early in the piece, Tammet describes maths as being 'intuitive.' As a Knower, would you describe your own relationship with mathematics as intuitive?

  • How does an autistic savant use sensory perception and language as WOK's to develop their abilities? What is the relationship between 'hyper connectivity and 'hyper sensitivity?'

  • What is the relationship between 'synesthesia' and creativity? Can mathematics be beautiful?

exercise source: sisticktok

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Lesson 2: Mathematics As Language

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Lesson 4: Mathematics is Beautiful?

Lesson 5: Short Presentations

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