If anybody cares to follow the links back you’ll find this introduction to Knowledge Issues (KIs) originates withLarry Ferlazzo’s blog. I found the questions and links via Alex Bogel’s great TOK webpage. Thanks to all of those colleagues involved in putting together these resources.

Please read and respond to the following. Review these links on knowledge issues. Please takes notes and respond in the comments section for your class Using these prompts as your guide:

Understanding Knowledge Issues
What is a knowledge issue?
How do I formulate my own Knowledge Issues for a presentation?
Extracting Knowledge Issues
How do I evaluate/ analyse knowledge issues?

1) What is a knowledge issue?
2) What are key ideas to remember when you are trying to write one?
3) Write two or three knowledge issues using one of the videos below.
4) Which resource was the best in helping you understand knowledge issues, and why?


Can you extract two or three KIs based on this clip from Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore.

Can you extract two or three KIs based on this clip from the Dove-Evolution Commercial